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what i want is to leap out of this personality

i've lived too long where i can be reached

tricky squirrel
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"the truth", , ..., 7-11, adorable couple, adult swim, anal fantasy, anti-fag, avoiding your questions, being a little harsh, being anal about animals, being bossy, being self-righteous, bjork, blushing and giggling, bree sharp, brushing my teeth, capturing grafitti, changing my mind, cheap and evil girls, chipped red nailpolish, clandestine, corpuses, corrupting youth, crying without reason, cut out paper dolls, eating babies, eating when i'm full, exclusive club, fag lunch, faggotry, failing to try, fat cats, fat drunk irish men, filthy mouthed bitches, forgetting why i cared, galloping cats, gargoyles, getting mail, giving it away, guarding my words, hating on people, having a harem, holding my breath, horrible hip-hop, hot pink hot sex, i am god, i miss you, i smell, i wish, if only, in my pants, isadora my love, itch, j+j+j, japan, jhonen vasquez, jimmy urine, john stuart mill, joose, just in case, just like you, knowing i'm wrong, kwërki skwërl, lemonade, less than three, letters and sodas, lil kim, loafers, lobster magnet, loving everyone more, low self esteem, lying without reason, make it hot, mark snow, men in dresses, mindless self indulgence, molestering, money, mowowowowow, my ass, my friends, my jesus lighter, nine inch nails, not being alone, not bothering to explain, not knowing the truth, not playing your game, on liberty, our future, packing my bags, pee in da butt, photographs eh?, pink, playing a waiting game, porn, potatoes, pretend racial slurs, pulp, raw pet food, reassurance, red lipstick on cigarettes, ruckus, running away, scabs, scaring salespeople, seeing things, sex, shawks, shoe buddies, sleeping my life away, space ghost, spay & neuter, statue's eye replacements, stealings bras from kmart, sticks and stones, stoned spanish berets, strange purchases, strawberry poofs, suck it, supressing vomit, swallowing without chewing, sweet valley high, swinging til i'm dizzy, teacake, terri nunn, the international language, the nerve!, the new wave channel, the parents suck club, the russian lesbian song, the slutbag three, throwing compacts, titties under glass, too drunk to smoke, trashy fantasy/sci-fi books, trent reznor, unconcious imitation, unpaid phone bill, webbed toes, weeee, what fag!, what would jesse do?, what's that song?, who wrote that?, will power, x-files, yo motacycle, your forbidden dance