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since i had to type this out for someone i am putting it in my journal so i can later copy and paste where i feel like. i am making it public in case anyone on here hasn't already heard me rant about 80 bajillion times about pet food, and in addition, gives a shit.

if anyone has any additions/edits to this, plz for to comment.

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remember once when i made a public entry to inform my mom that spying on me was not cool?

today i recieved this (anonymous, of course) comment on that entry.
"Dear Jesse's mom:

Perhaps if you had spent more time actually parenting your child and less time letting her "do her own thing," she wouldn't be a crude, socially immature, thoughtless nymphomaniac today. But it's too late to do anything about that now; she's presumably over 18 by now (though it is hard to tell from her writing). So perhaps it's best to walk away and let her wallow in her own filth. It seems to be what she wants."



(this is public for mr/ms from eugene oregon, where i don't know anybody so i have no idea who this is)
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i am just so tired of people. i am so tired of fucking idiots who have no concept of how to take care of animals. i am OUTRAGED.

we went to a pet store today. this pet store sold puppies. this is something that makes me really sad on a normal basis, but this was worse. they had a sign on the TANKS (yes, the puppies were kept in tanks, on pine bedding) saying that the store was against puppy mills and their puppies came from USDA certified breeders. BULL. SHIT. how DARE they have the audacity to lie to people like that. USDA liscensing is for large scale (almost always commercial) breeders. You must be USDA liscensed if you make more than $500 a year selling animals (to someone who will resell, not to the final owner). AKA YOU ARE A PUPPY MILL. NO decent breeder would sell their dogs to a pet store. NO decent breeder is out there breeding those messed up looking lhasa apso-maltese mixes and pug-beagle mixes. they are MUTTS. you can go to a shelter and get them for EIGHTY DOLLARS. they wanted SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for these dogs. yes, my dogs cost more than that. but you know what? my dogs' parents have their CERF, OFA, and von Willebrand's certifications. they came from a good man who has no more than three litters a year (from his six dogs), who loves his dogs and loves their puppies and actually CARES about what happens to them.

i am just disgusted. i'm sick and fucking tired of these people. i just want to walk up to them and ask them if have any fucking clue what they are doing. they had eight large rats in a tiny (10 gallon) tank (again on pine bedding), one of which was hugely pregnant and covered in scabs. they told the woman looking at a "puggle" puppy that sure, she could leave it outside during the day. sure, this (the smallest one) was an appropriately sized crate for it. NO. NO, THAT IS NOT FUCKING OKAY.

i feel like i can't do anything anymore. i can't even walk into a store without feeling sick to my stomach. mmm, ferrets with diarrhea! sure, sell the kids some bunnies for easter! these people make livings off of misinforming people and selling them sick, poorly bred animals. and people eat it up!

no one wants to listen anymore. i try to tell people (gently, in a nice tone of voice, with sources to back it up) that the food they feed is crap. i try to gently suggest things to help people's animals, because in my heart i don't want to believe that people really want their animals to have crappy lives. but they do. they are too fucking lazy and stuck in their own ways to open up their eyes and try to make things better. they don't want to believe that what they've been doing their whole lives is wrong, so i must be wrong.

i have just been feeling so helpless about it all lately.
mspaint is hardcore


dear mom,
if you're reading this, you are officially a complete asshole. i hope it makes you feel really good to violate your daughter's privacy and spy on her. way to be a great parent.
guess how much respect i have for you. zero. you need to get your own fucking life and stop snooping in mine, especially when i have already informed you of how violated it makes me feel when you try to look at my fricken journal. thanks.

anyone else have any comments for my mom?