tricky squirrel (ohbutitsshiny) wrote,
tricky squirrel

remember once when i made a public entry to inform my mom that spying on me was not cool?

today i recieved this (anonymous, of course) comment on that entry.
"Dear Jesse's mom:

Perhaps if you had spent more time actually parenting your child and less time letting her "do her own thing," she wouldn't be a crude, socially immature, thoughtless nymphomaniac today. But it's too late to do anything about that now; she's presumably over 18 by now (though it is hard to tell from her writing). So perhaps it's best to walk away and let her wallow in her own filth. It seems to be what she wants."



(this is public for mr/ms from eugene oregon, where i don't know anybody so i have no idea who this is)
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